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  • Promotion Available: 150% Welcome Bonus, 20% Deposit Bonus, 5% Deposit Rebate
  • Popular Games: Crystal Waters, Green Light, Golden Slut
  • Customer Support: WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Call, SMS
  • Deposit Options: Public Bank, CIMB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, Maybank
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XE88 APK & iOS: Online Casino Games Review

xe88 online casino games

Every other year that passes, online gambling becomes more popular than it was the previous years. According to studies, the online gambling industry is likely to be worth $45B by 2024. This industry is growing at a high rate mainly due to the comfort it gives gamblers to do their thing. Today it’s possible for someone to place a bet on a video slot game or racing game using a smartphone at the comfort of their beds. Video slot games are among the major online gambling games that most gamblers play on online casinos. 

With this ongoing pandemic of the coronavirus where most governments have put restrictions on movements, it is safer and more convenient to do your gambling online rather than visiting a casino in your local area.

If you are the type that is more comfortable with online casinos than physical ones, then XE88 is an online casino that you need to check out today. You can download XE88 through APK and iOS. They have over 112 games that you can play and all these have different features and rules. Besides video slot games, XE88 online casino also has a couple of other game categories like Racing, adventure, logic, etc. When you visit their website. All the available games are displayed on the home page. Simply choose the one that you would love to play and get started immediately. Let’s go through XE88 96Bets Online Casino Games review by looking at their quality of games, pros, and cons of gameplay, security, and their amazing bonuses and promotions.


About XE88

XE88 got into the business of online gambling in 2018 and within just two years, this online casino has built a reputation for itself. It has a good number of positive reviews on a couple of platforms. Their android app has registered over 1 million downloads. This is a positive for a company that is just 2 years in business.

xe88 online casino review

Like many other famous offline and online casino websites, most of the games on XE88 online casino Malaysia are inspired by the Asian culture. At the moment this online platform is available in only South-Eastern Asian countries that is; Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand. However, its popularity is increasing at a very high rate and I expect it to soon acquire a License to operate in more countries beyond SE Asia

Playing games on XE88 online casino requires you to have an account with them. So, you will have to create an account and provide some of your personal information to get started. If you already have an account with XE88, you just have to log in and start playing your favorite games straight away


What games can one play on this online casino platform

As we mentioned earlier, XE88 is one of the online casinos that has the most game options to choose from. If you get on this platform, you will at least find a game or two that work for you. This platform partner with some of the best game developers in the gambling business. One of them is Real Time Gaming- a game development company that is fully licensed to develop casino software.

The most common categories of games on this platform are video slot games, table games, and racing games. Here are some of the popular games available on XE88 online casino;


Crystal Waters



Green Lights



Golden Slut


xe88 golden slut gameplay

With all these games at your disposal, you should at least choose a couple of them that you can enjoy. Most of their names reflect what the game is all about. So, if you are new to the platform, simply read through the names and choose a game whose name sounds exciting. It should also be noted that XE88 online casino always updates its games’ list. So, it is possible that by the time you read this article, some new games that are not on the above list could have been added to the platform.


The technology and devices that support XE88 online casino

The front-end interface of the games on this online casino is user friendly and easy to adapt even for beginners in gambling. This interface is built mainly using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.  The main part of their back-end is developed with C++. The games on XE88 online casino are available for both desktop computers and smartphones. For desktop computers, this online casino can be accessed right from your browser. For smartphones, an app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

xe88 mobile

All you have to do is download the game on any of these platforms and start playing right away. If you have a desktop computer, you can play this game within your browser. When you click on any of the games, a new browser window with that particular game will be opened.


Graphics, sounds and user interface of the XE88 online casino games

xe88 online slot games

The user interface of games on this online casino is so easy to use even for people new to these games and gambling beginners. It is also sophisticated enough to ensure experienced gamblers do not get bored while playing on the platform. The animations in the games and the sounds produced keep the players super attentive and not bored while playing. The sounds produced are actually not destructive, but instead, they will make the player more connected to the game. If you don’t like the sound, there’s an option to mute it. This can be important especially if you want to play the game on your smartphone while in public without earphones

When it comes to the colors, XE88 online casino games just got this right as well. Most of the games have at least one or two colors that are common amongst Asian cultures. Some of these include Red, green, and yellow. These colors are well blended in all games to make the games more appealing

and fun to play. Another thing that XE88 focused on is making sure all the buttons you need to click while playing are easy to locate. For instance, if you are playing a racing game, you will easily see the buttons for starting, accelerating, and stopping. This greatly improves user experience and the fun one gets while playing on this platform


Promotions and Bonuses

xe888 bonus and promotions




How to Apply:

1. This promotion is only valid for members who first time deposit at least MYR 50 to SPORTS, LIVE CASINO, SLOTS, MOBI SLOTS or HORSE RACING game product.
2. Select the applicable promo code [50% WELCOME BONUS] and submit or contact our customer service through live chat or 96BETS official social media app to apply.



How to Apply:

1. This promotion is only valid for members deposit at least MYR 50 to SLOTS or MOBI SLOTS game product.
2. Select the applicable promo code [20% UNLIMITED DEPOSIT BONUS] and submit or contact our customer service through live chat or 96BETS official social media app to apply.




How to Apply:

1. This promotion is only valid for members who won any JACKPOT (Minor Jackpot / Major Jackpot / Random Jackpot) at least MYR 2,000 at MOBI SLOTS game product.
2. Members are required to SCREENSHOT the Jackpot winning picture for verification.
3. Contact our customer service for detailed checking to apply bonus within 3 days if members achieved the condition mentioned above. After 3 days will not be accepted.
4. Members are not allowed to participate in this promotion while applying 50% WELCOME BONUS.




How to Apply:

1. The rebate will be calculated based on members total valid deposit across eligible MOBI SLOTS game product begin on Sunday 00:00 (GMT+8) and end on Saturday 23:59 (GMT+8).
(Does not include the transfer amount of any game)
2. Total rebate will be automatically credit to the member’s Rebate Wallet begin on Monday 12:00 (GMT+8) before 20:00 (GMT+8).
3. Minimum rebate payout is MYR 1. Log in to your 96BETS account every week to check the rebates. Please make sure to participate in the game every week to continue to earn rebate.

Click call to action button to claim all the bonuses above!



How safe and secure is XE88?

All the personal information collected from users who sign up on this platform is encrypted using 128-bit encryption technology. So, while on this platform, be rest assured that your data is safe and won’t be shared with any other third-party company. The gaming systems of this platform are developed and maintained by professional software engineers to ensure the platform is fraud-proof for 24 hours every day. So, if your worry is security and privacy of your data, this platform should be among those you trust.

XE88 online casino also has a 24/7 customer support team that is always ready to answer all your queries regarding using their platform. So, in case of any issue, simply contact the customer support team and you will get all the answers you need. 


How reliable is this platform?

XE88 is always up and running 24/7. There are only a few times that the website is put off for maintenance and that takes a few hours. Whenever they have planned maintenance, admins always communicate with the users early enough to ensure they are aware.

Maintenance is also done one country at a time, so if your country is off, you may have to access the platform using a VPN. XE88 also has professional cyber-security engineers, software engineers and state of the art security system to ensure the platform is safe from hackers that could compromise its reliability


Placing bets and winning

xe88 games

Of course, most of the people who go to the casino always have one thing in mind. That is winning some cash! This platform gives you the option to play games for free without placing a bet and when you are familiar with the game, you can then place your bet to win some cash.

Being a new platform, XE88 has favorable winning odds and many gamblers who have placed bets on their games have confessed to having won. So, it’s not the type of online casino that was built to simply take money from people. Winning is real and anyone can win money with XE88

Before starting to place bets, I would recommend you take advantage of the free option. After you have mastered the rules of the game and how to play it right then you can start placing bets. Another important thing you shouldn’t forget that applies to any form of gambling is knowing when to leave. Online gambling is so convenient and you may end up losing a lot of money if you are not cautious. It is important to know when it is not a good day for you and signout immediately


Pros and Cons of XE88

Pros / Cons
  • It has a variety of games that you can choose from
  • All mobile device compatible
  • It has an easy to use interface that is friendly to even those new to gambling
  • Reliable customer support that is available 24/7
  • It has available in only a few countries



XE88 online casino is a platform I can surely recommend for any gambler whether new or experienced. The platform is easy to use for beginners but also not straight forward to bore the experienced gamblers. It is pretty easy to get started with XE88. All you need is either your computer or smartphone to get started and then you can create an account by providing a few details about yourself.

Besides the ease of use, the platform also has a wide variety of games to choose from. With over 112 games, you should at least find one or two games that are interesting to you. This may, however, be a challenge to those new to gambling. If you are new to gambling, simply look through the names of the games and choose one that makes sense to you. Most of their names reflect what the games are about. As you play on XE88 online casino and any other gambling site, you need to always remember the rules of gambling. Know when to leave and only bet what you can afford to lose.