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Vegas88: Live Casino Games Review

The growth of the online gaming and gambling industry has been phenomenal and the growth pattern and trajectory over the past few years and decades have been phenomenal, to say the least. This could be because of various reasons. Lifestyles have changed and people today perhaps have lesser time to spend at brick and mortar casino sites. Hence, they would be willing to spend time in their homes or with their family, friends, and relatives.


vegas88 online casino review

Further, many of them are enthusiasts of gambling, sports betting, and other activities. However, they would like to play the game either sitting in the comfort of their homes or during free time at their workplaces.

Many would also like to have a shot at some of the most fascinating gambling games while they are traveling from one place to another. They would like to make use of their smartphones, tablets, iPods and other such devices to play different types of gambling games.

While the craze for gambling continues to be as it was perhaps a century or seventy-five years ago, how the games are played has undergone a sea change. The computer revolution coupled with internet technology has made this possible to bring in a sort of revolution when it comes to gambling online and also when it is about sports betting.

The growth story of online gaming and gambling outlets has been extremely impressive and it has clocked an impressive double-digit CAGR over the past many years and the same growth pattern continues in most countries.

The idea of betting on some of the most fascinating games, whether they are table games, card games, wheel games, slots or other types of modern games is too hard and too irresistible to ignore. The fact that all this can be done sitting in the comfort of homes is also something that makes them so very popular and highly sought after. Let’s start this Vegas88 96Bets Live Casino Games review


A Mix Of Right Type of Games

We also should have a reasonably judicious and well thought out mix of all types of games. These include live table games, card games, wheel games, machine-based games like slots and also some new games that are specific to Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and a few others. Unless the right mix is available, it will only be a matter of time before the players start looking for other online outlets. With so many choices being available, it will not be long before the customers look for greener pastures.

Apart from the above, there are a few more important things that one should keep in mind. These include customer services, technical excellence, and other such things.

Now that we have a reasonably good idea about the main things that one should bear in mind when choosing a good online gambling outlet, we will now spend some time getting to know more about Vegas88 live casino. This service provider over the past many years has managed to become one of the most popular and also world-leading names. They are considered to be a one-stop solution when it comes to living casino tables. Their success story has been phenomenal. Therefore, we thought a review of Vegas88 live casino would be a good idea for many of us to have a better idea about the reasons for their success as a top class service provider as far as live casino tables are concerned. Without much ado, let us get straight into the review and look at Vegas88 live casino from as many angles as we possibly can.


Game Selection in Vegas88

Being the largest service provider in the industry, Vegas88 live casino provides a complete catalog of high-class casino games. You could for some time enjoying the baccarat table games. You also have the liberty of shifting your focus and enjoying some fascinating blackjack games and you could also pamper yourself to some of the best variants of roulette or poker. Hence, you can be sure that there will not be a single moment of boredom for you under any circumstances.


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VEGAS88 blackjack


Dream Catcher

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vegas88 roulette


Some Basic Information About Vegas88

The company was started in the year 2006, and since then they have grown from one level of strength to another. Their success story has not happened suddenly or it was not an overnight phenomenon with the waving of a magic wand. They have around 3,500 employees and they are spread across seven countries. Over the years, they have added more milestone events that many others in the industry. Hence, it may not be wrong to call them market leaders in more ways than one.


Why They Are So Popular

Apart from being a very powerful player across many continents and countries, they also have a few more reasons that might have propelled them one level of success to the other. First and foremost there operations in Riga have been colossal. It offers many exciting things that may not have been heard of before. It has today become a top-notch studio complex.

Additionally, it also has become an academy of many international dealers. The net result has been quite astounding and it is there for all to see. They have been able to come out with a product that has been able to take care of the lifestyle of thousands of dozens of players. Hence, players believe that they can get momentum and size and at the same time they also may have the best of table magic available to them when they choose Vegas88 live tables. Let us have a look at some numbers and then get moving on with the review in some more details.

When it comes to certain famous live games like Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and various other card game Vegas88 live casino has impressive numbers to offer. For example, they have a total of 96 live games and this certainly is not an easy task and very few live casino sites would be able to offer the same. Out of the 96, around 27 are for live roulette. Black has around 55 live tables.

Baccarat offers 8 live tables while another 6 tables are allotted for other games. Hence, customers can be sure that they will have enough live game tables and therefore there will be very little waiting time. Further, they also offer exclusive titles and bespoke tables. You also will be entitled to native tables for customers from Malaysia and other neighboring countries. Further, they also offer VIP tables which not many would be in a position to offer. Hence, these are a few important things that set apart Vegas88 from others.



Today, a lot of live casino gambling happens outside personal computers or desktop computers. While still, a sizeable chunk of customers prefer playing on desktop computers, there are many thousands of younger generations who are happily playing the games on desktop, tablets, mobile phones, and other small-sized devices.

Vegas88 live games can be enjoyed even on the move and all you need is a good and reliable smartphone, tablet, iPad or even laptop. Therefore, whether you are in the home with your family or whether you are on the move you could always take part in those fascinating live games on any table of your choice. This is unique and this also could be one more reason as to why Vegas88 live casino is a good service provider as far as live table games are concerned.

Apart from almost all leading live casino gaming sites in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and other such places, you also have many famous international live casinos that have live game tables of Vegas88. A few names are Genting Casino, LeoVegas, Royal Panda, Unibet, William Hill, Codeta, 888 Casino, Betsafe, and 21 UK. More such names of live casino sites are getting added to the list. This is in itself a very positive and good endorsement of the fact that they are considered to be one of the best in this part of the world and also from other countries of the world.


Why Should You Choose Vegas88?

vegas88 online live casino

The above would have certainly given our readers some idea as to why we should choose Vegas88 live casino over others. Apart from the fact that they offer a decent number of lives tables covering many games, they are also world leaders when it comes to providing dependable and reliable live casino tables.

They have a comprehensive and well thought out choice of games and these are suited to different styles and types of players. Further, as mentioned above, they can be enjoyed across various devices and not many other live games providers would be able to match Vegas88 on these parameters. They also have earned name and fame as far as quality is concerned.

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3. Rebate will be automatically credit to the member’s Rebate Wallet before Wednesday 20:00 (GMT+8).
(The Valid Turnover Target amount will change from time to time)


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Choosing The Right Gaming Outlet Is Vital

While the growth story of online gaming and gambling will continue to show impressive and perhaps even unbelievable growth in many south-east Asian countries, as players and customers one cannot safely say that all the service providers and online outlets are the best in terms of technology, infrastructure, types of games, support services, promotions, bonuses, and various other attributes.

It is quite possible that for every ten online gambling sites, you could have at least one or two who might be not exactly scrupulous. One out of ten may also be plain and simple fly by night operators who are there just to misguide new entrants and make some fast buck and vanish from the scene. Many such online casino outlets also have been able to misguide and cheat even experienced casinos and gambling enthusiasts.

They promise the moon and their websites could be simply superb but when you start spending your hard-earned money, you might have some unpleasant surprises coming your way. Hence, you must do your research and then choose the right online gambling and gaming outlets. Here are a few important points that you must always keep in mind when choosing a good gambling outlet:


Reputation & Goodwill

vegas88 awards

Like all other products and services, there is no denying the fact reputation and goodwill are the best attributes when you decide to choose an online casino for gambling or even sports betting.

As a rule of thumb, it would always be better to look for online casinos that have been around at least for eight to ten years. Surviving that long in a highly competitive and tough environment is not an easy task, to say the least. Any online casino which has been there for ten years will most certainly have built a good customer database and therefore they would know what the customers want.


Collection of Games

vegas88 live europe casino

The next important thing is to ensure that they have the best collection of games. They should have no dearth of Vegas88 live casino and this is easier said than done. In other words, the gaming outlets should know how to move ahead with time and this is where the success of any good live casino lies.

The games should not be the same old boring stuff but should have new additions to it along with changing times and situations. This again might look easy on paper but replicating it on the ground is not easy, to say the least. It calls for special skills, special technology and there are only a handful of live casino Malaysia outlets that may be able to do it.


Payouts, Promotions & Bonuses

At the end of the day, people visit online gambling sites to make some smart money and also have some entertainment and enjoyment. Many people give precedence to entertainment and forget the monetary part of it. This should be avoided at all costs. You must always have an online site for you that offers the best of signup bonuses for beginners and also for experienced players. Secondly, you must spend some time and have a closer look at the various promotions and other attractions that they offer. The payout should be decent and it should be in line with the market practices.


Some Improvement May Be Needed

There are a few improvements and tweaking that are required and this is an ongoing process with any service provider that offers such live tables. They are looking at ways to increase the speed of blackjack tables. They are also working on interfaces that are portrait-made.

They are one of the few who have English lessons for those who belong to the various South East Asian countries. They are also considered as the pioneers as far as the live casino is concerned, and they believe in continuously setting new benchmarks and standards and would also love to showcase their progress to the worldwide players.


What Do Customers Have To Say About Vegas88

First impressions do matter a lot and we are sharing a few points that came into the mind based on feedback from customers. The loading screens are extremely fast when it comes to loading and they are also very dependable. The picture quality is simply superb and crisp and the croupiers inside it are very well trained. All these go in making it a wonderfully table playing experience.

The tables may be of different specifications and this would depend on the type of games that are being played on it. For example, the table size of live roulette games cannot be the same as that of Blackjack. The sound quality and presentation is top class.

The camera angles have been thought through and placed extremely well. The controls though wonderful are user friendly and have an easy touch to it. You can, therefore, be sure that you will love the HD quality and of course the full complement of some breathtaking live table games.


The Technological Brilliance Cannot Be Ignored

The tables are simply exciting and elegant and this is because of the technology that has gone behind it. The choice of the super side bets the roads the way they have been represented cannot be explained in words. The best way to understand the brilliance is by being there is enjoying it on the live tables. The color combination is again top class and the players will have a delightful time playing the various live casino table games when they decide to choose a website that offers Vegas88 as the platform.


Good Prizes

The prizes that are offered are quite impressive and there is something for everyone. The VIP Players can aspire to earn anything from $500 to a maximum of $5000 in one session and this again is something that makes them quite different from others.


The Final Word

When we look at the above and then decide to take a call, it is quite obvious that if you love live table games, then there is no way you can stay away from the casino site with Vegas88 as the platform. The service providers are top notch and are one of the best in the industry.

They have been around for many years now and this is what makes them quite different when compared to others. They have been able to win the trust and confidence of thousands of players and many of them would not like to play any live table games unless the platform available is Vegas88.

They also have changed and evolved with times and the games also have added new elements to it making them even more interesting. Hence, you have many reasons to try out Vegas88 live casino if you have not already tried it out.


Live Casino 50% Welcome Bonus, Up To RM300