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  • Promotion Available: 150% Welcome Bonus, 20% Deposit Bonus, 5% Deposit Rebate
  • Popular Games: Bonus Bears, Great Blue, White King, Highway Kings
  • Customer Support: WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Call, SMS
  • Deposit Options: Public Bank, CIMB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, Maybank
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Pussy888 APK & iOS: Online Casino Games Review

pussy888 online casino review


Brand Introduction

Pussy888 is a new online casino gaming platform available for Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand players. It can be played online on its website or through its Android and iOS applications or on P.C. using an Android emulator. Players can choose from among 200 titles, giving them endless options to experience online casino gaming. Also, to live casino games, you get an exclusive selection of slots, tables, and fishing games.

The app is easily available since the Pussy888 APK is offered for download on many casino sites. The player needs to download the app, make a deposit, and then log in to their account and start playing once the money is credited into their pussy888 online casino account. Let’s go through in-dept Pussy888 96Bets Online Casino Games review by looking at their quality of games, design and services, payment method, security, and their amazing bonuses and promotions.


Why Choose Pussy888

The most obvious reason you want to consider this platform for your online casino games is that it offers a variety of game options. Whether you are a fan of slots, fishing games, or table games, you will have something for your taste.


Even from the 10 or so game genres available on the platform, you get multiple options based on your taste. You may want to play wild themed games or water-themed games or ancient themed games, for instance in the slot categories. It’s all your choice.

With the Pussy888 online casino platform, you can access games in the form of cash or spins to try on slot games. This is great because it helps you make more money with minimal efforts and lesser money on deposit than it would be possible without the bonuses and promotions. The platforms offering these benefits also do not tie you to only a welcome bonus. You can access other kinds of bonuses such as those tied to the amount of money deposited.

Pussy888 online casino comes with games dedicated to bonuses and offers a higher number of bonus opportunities than many casinos online gaming platforms out there. 

Online games and platforms such as Pussy888 also provide an opportunity to try your preferred games without having to deposit. This allows you to play without betting, just for fun, or to test the platform features. You can even take some time to learn a new game with free testing, then perfect it, even before you deposit money and then go live to bet and win real money on the platform playing the same game.

Being an online casino game platform, there are many advantages compared to an offline or physical casino. For instance, it offers more cash rewards than land-based casinos. This casino takes things a little higher by letting you play your preferred casino games on your mobile phone. It is optimized for better mobile experiences although again if you like larger screens, you can opt for the Android emulator. The emulator is installed on your P.C. and allows you to install Android apps on the P.C. machine.

Another obvious advantage of this platform is that it allows you to work with different casino agents as long as they have a working relationship with Pussy888. You also can deposit and withdraw using multiple methods. 


Games Available on Pussy888

pussy888 games

The types of games available are online video slots, RGN table games, arcade games, poker games, fishing games, progressive jackpot slots, and live dealer casino games. Even these categories have multiple choices in them, which have been handpicked from developers such as Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt.

Bonus Bear: As per the title, the game provides several bonuses and is designed by Playtech developers. You get to experience what it is like to tour American National Parks with wild bears and win money at the same time in five reels and 25 pay lines.


Cat Queen: Features 5-reel and 20 pay lines on which to try combinations to win. It is themed in ancient Egypt.


Golden Tour: This video slot game offers a golfing theme and comes with five pay lines with lines winning left-to-right or right-to-left but it is not possible to bet multiple coins per line.


Buffalo Blitz: This 6 reel slot, 4-rows game provides 4,096 ways to win – you just need to land adjacent matching symbols to carry a prize home. No need to worry about pay lines.

White King: This 5 reel, 40-pay lines video slot game from Playtech is a great way to explore the jungle on your computer and then win. It features different colors that will make your play on Pussy888 online casino games interesting.


pussy888 arctic treasure

Arctic treasure: The 5 reel 3-row video slot game will provide many bonus symbols and a second screen bonus game. Be sure to not miss the ice queen because she pays out the most.


pussy888 dolphin reef

Dolphin Reef: This 5-reel 20 pay lines game allows you to combine the wild symbol in multiple ways and you can receive additional payouts from the scatter symbol.


pussy888 great blue

Great Blue: Designed by Playtech game developers, it has 5 reels and 25 pay lines on which to try your combinations, and the theme is sea underwaters.


pussy888 highway kings

Highway Kings: This 5-reel 9 pay lines game from Playtech also, has huge extra bright trucks as the main attraction, the red truck being the most attractive.


Table games on this platform include the following:

  1. American/French/European Roulette
  2. Numerous variations of Blackjack
  3. Dice games like Craps and Sic Bo
  4. Poker games
  5. Card games like Baccarat and Dragon Tiger


Some of the arcade games played on this platform include Fishing Star, Fishing Joy, Wukong Battle World, Motorbike, and Monkey Story. There also are a variety of dealer games including Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, Roulette, and Baccarat and Casino Hold’em.


These dealer casino games are more real when played live and they look more realistic.


Bonus and Promotions


pussy888 bonus and promotion

Pussy888 online casino offers several bonuses and promotions, especially through its many casino agents. These agents are promoting their services to ensure they get customers who then have to use their services. Of course, the agents will have deals with the Pussy888 online casino that allows them to promote their services, and the agents will then extend these benefits to clients.




How to Apply:

1. This promotion is only valid for members who first time deposit at least MYR 50 to SPORTS, LIVE CASINO, SLOTS, MOBI SLOTS or HORSE RACING game product.
2. Select the applicable promo code [50% WELCOME BONUS] and submit or contact our customer service through live chat or 96BETS official social media app to apply.



How to Apply:

1. This promotion is only valid for members deposit at least MYR 50 to SLOTS or MOBI SLOTS game product.
2. Select the applicable promo code [20% UNLIMITED DEPOSIT BONUS] and submit or contact our customer service through live chat or 96BETS official social media app to apply.




How to Apply:

1. This promotion is only valid for members who won any JACKPOT (Minor Jackpot / Major Jackpot / Random Jackpot) at least MYR 2,000 at MOBI SLOTS game product.
2. Members are required to SCREENSHOT the Jackpot winning picture for verification.
3. Contact our customer service for detailed checking to apply bonus within 3 days if members achieved the condition mentioned above. After 3 days will not be accepted.
4. Members are not allowed to participate in this promotion while applying 50% WELCOME BONUS.




How to Apply:

1. The rebate will be calculated based on members total valid deposit across eligible MOBI SLOTS game product begin on Sunday 00:00 (GMT+8) and end on Saturday 23:59 (GMT+8).
(Does not include the transfer amount of any game)
2. Total rebate will be automatically credit to the member’s Rebate Wallet begin on Monday 12:00 (GMT+8) before 20:00 (GMT+8).
3. Minimum rebate payout is MYR 1. Log in to your 96BETS account every week to check the rebates. Please make sure to participate in the game every week to continue to earn rebate.

Click call to action button to claim all the bonuses above!



Pussy888 Payment Options

Payments are never made directly to the Pussy888 online casino but to the casino agents that work with this application. These agents will also handle your withdrawals from the casino and account. That means you as the customer will need to sign up an account with the casino agent that supports this app, on their website. You will then send them your deposit directly.

Different agents accept different methods of payment, from a cash deposit, online banking to ATMs. After depositing, the casino agent will then deposit into one of the accounts with the casino they are an agent for before they can provide you with login details. The minimum deposit with Pussy888 is a 10 MYR/SGD.

The casino agent who will also be handling your deposits will also withdraw from the casino and into your account using the banking and payment details you gave them at depositing. The minimum you can withdraw from the account, called the withdrawal limit, is 30 MYR/SGD.



Design and experience

Pussy888 online casino offers 24/7 customer support to its customers via different communication channels including email, messengers, or social media. Most of the support will be provided through these channels through the casino agent’s website and so the agent will, in most cases be your contact person.

The customer support intends to give you good quality service and to ensure your experience is up to our standards, and that you are getting what you want from the casino services. Therefore, the first contact to understanding your experience with the platform is through the feedback you provide about the platform and to or through the agents.

The company can also use this feedback to adjust the things they need to offer you the best experiences. In countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, you get immense opportunities to interact with customer support through WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, or another popular option. 


Otherwise, playing games on Pussy888 is the best way to optimize your earnings because you can do it on-the-go with mobile applications. All you need is to find pussy888 online casino games download on your casino agent website. You can also search and download pussy888 apk through the search engine. The app is optimized for mobile playing.




For every game you play on Pussy888 online casino, its files have been certified to be secure and safe for players. You will not be installing any malware or malicious software on your phone when you deal with the mobile app or on your PC when you play using the emulator. Plus the games are professional, developed by expert developers that are verifiable. Therefore, this ensures that your wins are fairly awarded.

The mobile application and the games are reliable, hence you will maximize your earnings without any unnecessary lost time because of errors or other problems with the performance of the games. You are also able to monitor your earnings on the platform including the bonuses. The payouts are also genuine.

Since the company also verifies all the casino agent partners, your deposited money will be safe. It will never be stolen. These agents are official and will need to deposit the money with the casino before you can get the logins. Besides, there is the support provided by the agents in case anything wrong happens. 




Pussy888 is your online casino Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand players with over 200 games including slots, table, and fishing, and live online casino games. There is no lack of good casino game experience regardless of what is your taste and preference. The best place to start is with pussy888 online casino games download and if you are intending to use Android, this game is optimized for the mobile experience.

You get to play this game in the comfort of your home. Simply download pussy apk and install on your mobile device, then deposit through a casino agent that supports this platform, and you are good to bet. The other option is using an iOS app or Android emulator on your P.C. which offers a good experience, especially with the larger screen.

Besides that, you have welcome and other types of bonuses to enjoy with this or on this platform, especially through the casino agent websites. These websites are promoting their services through Pussy888 and enter into deals with Pussy888 that they then pass on to customers as benefits, to attract customers to sign on their websites.