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  • Deposit Options: Public Bank, CIMB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, Maybank
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KING855: Live Casino Games Review

king855 online casino review

KING855 live casino Malaysia offers live casino games of different kinds and allows customers to experience the best of the games on different devices from P.Cs. to mobile devices (whether Android or iOS devices). The company uses live equipment and camera technology to allow customers to experience casino games at any time and full HD clarity.

The company, which is based in Thailand, was established in 2018 and the games, which are aired from Taiwan, are hosted by beautiful women in black and diamond earrings and necklace endowments. During live shows, customers can interact with support and game hosts.

Customers can either choose to play on the P.C.s or to download Android and iOS apps on their mobile devices to play whenever they want. Customers also get support 24/7 from company representatives. Apart from doing so via live chats customers also get support via private chats.


Why Play The Game

king855 online live casino

KING855 games are supported across all devices including PC, smartphones, iPods, and iPhones because they are developed using HTML5 technology. Online and mobile players get a stable experience because the systems are updated to rid of all errors.

Users do not even need to download an application to play KING855 games because they can access the games on the website on their mobile devices. This saves them a lot of space and also they can rid of committing too many resources on their devices. This is besides the convenience of playing the games. A customer interested in KING855 live casino gets some time to familiarize themselves with games here due to the fun free play available with several live table games on this platform.

However, customers can improve their playing experience with these games by downloading mobile applications to allow them to play on mobile devices. KING855 live casino does not strain the mobile resources and the app allows them to play even on low internet speeds. In other words, you get quality play whether using the mobile app or the mobile browser. Let’s start this King855 96Bets Live Casino Games review


How To Use KING855

king855 dashboard

From the dashboard, a customer can select a game of their choice. You get a variety of six games including Baccarat, roulette, fight bull, three cards, dragon tiger, and Sci Bo. It is loved in live casinos in Malaysia.

Customers can track their game track, bet record, and access the game mall, and they can check who is online and track their profits of whoever is online.

The other thing is the ability to edit their profile info and set personal icon and also access the icon that allows them to get support in case there is an issue with which they need help. Otherwise, the platform is easy to use and can be used without anyone’s help.


Games Available On KING855


king855 baccarat

The online Baccarat game, of all casino online games, is considered most prestigious and exclusive. It is easy to learn and has a reputation for and rich European history. KING855 has a variety of online Baccarat games, the most popular online casino game in Malaysia. From the lobby, you can access a different variety of Baccarat tables on which you can bet starting from $20 to $1000.


Live Roulette

king855 roulette

The Roulette offers different ways of betting on this game to keep your eyes fixed on the ball watching where it will fall. You can bet through grouped numbers, individual numbers, odd and even numbers, and red or black.

The other option is to place chips on a group of numbers from 1 to 18 or 10 to 36. If the pocket finds its place in a pocket belonging to the house, you lose the bet.

This game is very popular on almost every live casino and different casinos offer multiple options to play this game, including the traditional one’s 3D Roulette, Newar Roulette, and Premium French Roulette. You can also test this game for free on KING855 through the free play of this game.


Live Dragon Tiger

king855 dragon tiger

The Dragon Tiger game, which is a very popular game in India, is simple to play and does not require the user to be a casino veteran. That does not mean that experienced players cannot play the game.

The game is simple because players need to deal with only two cards. Customers click a chip value to determine bets for each round, which ranges from 1 Euro to 5,000 Euro. Every round, for which a customer can bet, starts after every 30 seconds.


Live Sic Bo

king855 sicbo

This classic live casino game is now popular among gambling sites. It lets you bet against a real-life croupier using a real dice. You use an electronic shaker to roll the dice in this game.

If you are a beginner in this Malaysia live casino game, the rules of the live casino game are easy to learn. Just as in craps, players bet on the outcome of the roll of dice but in Bo, it is much simpler to play without the complex Come Out or Point Rolls.

Before you place the bet, it is easy to open a table, which is divided into Small bets and Big bets, and scan the layout. You place your bet by placing the chips on the outcomes you want, whether the outcome is a single number, a combination of all three dice, or bet on whether the total number will be lower or higher than displayed limits.


Live Fight Bull

king855 fight bull

Live Fight Bull is also known as Bull Bull or Niu Niu and is an easy card game that looks like a poker version. In this Malaysia live casino game, players use the six card decks to compete against the casino. The first card drawn by the dealer will determine the order of dealing with the rest of the cards. This variation of the traditional card game aims at creating better hands and so the size of a player’s bull will matter a lot to determine the chances of winning. Once dealing starts, players can also join to place their bets on player 1 or other players.

The game is popular in China and Southeast Asia.


Three Cards

king855 three cards

This is one of the most popular live casino Malaysia games and players a total of 7, use one deck of 52 cards. Players get to place their bets on the three spaces Ante, Play and Pair Plus or both, and the game begins.

It is simple to learn and start. The player will be required to settle on a raise or fold before dealer acts.


Bonuses and Promos




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Security And Safety

Customers who play live casino games usually are dealing with huge amounts of money and the risk is certainly real. The nature of the Internet also makes risk more real, especially where financial instructions are involved. The security of a platform will be the number one aspect a customer considers when selecting a live casino gaming platform.

Although casino licenses are not anything to go by these days, you want a casino that uses a fair method to award winnings whether they are using virtual decks of cards or the slot reels. You want to be certain that the method is free from being tampered and secondly, will not compromise the security of your money before and after you have won.

Modern live casino games in Malaysia are now more secure than they were. Game designers are much more careful about features that offer customers a secure experience even as they exchange their information on their accounts. Especially securing the banking data is of keen interest to many gaming developers.

KING855 takes this important issue a priority and the platform won’t leak banking and customer personal information. KING855 also hosts games that are secure to play.

Given the many customers who have used this platform and based on those reviews, this platform looks secure. They offer good customer support for people facing any challenges with any issue, from deposit to security.

From the dashboard to navigation tools, customers can flick between the newest slots available on the KING855 platform. They can easily and quickly access the most preferred game or one of their choice or even try new games that keep coming.

As discussed, their mobile applications allow customers to experience the best gaming experience and the design also allows playing via a mobile browser.

The website also allows customers to pick their language as they prefer, whether Chinese or English. The website is strong and colorful without taking away the excellent experience of playing on the platform. It is easy to explore and quick to discover features.


Integrations and Build Site features

Through the Build Site, and for customers who have not yet built their brand, KING855 can simplify the process and make it easy for them to launch their vision without worrying about the design.

It is also possible to integrate their platform or casino on the customer side through the API.


Design And Experience

The fast aspect of customer experience here is the quality of games and this platform offers endless options in which you can enjoy live casino games in Malaysia. From popular games to the newest options, you have what it takes to play and increase your chances of winning real money. You can select from among the Baccarat, roulette, fight bull, three cards, dragon tiger, and Sci Bo or other options. These games come in all manner of competing: you can play against the casino or even compete with other players as you place your bet. You don’t need to always play, with some games hosted on the platform, because they allow you to place your bets on other players and you win when they win.

The casino live games support range from popular options in different countries and also the experimental options. You can also play games depending on the genre.

The red grab package function also offers elevated amusement experience to players. By grabbing the red envelopes, the vendor is chosen and subject to thorough training. The game platform appeals to the global customer base and the standards are meant to achieve that.

Straight to the dashboard, the KING855 platform is one of the easiest live gaming Malaysia casinos to use, whether you are a beginner who has never used a live casino gaming platform or are an experienced person who is experienced on other platforms, this one won’t give you any headache to start and win.

From the dashboard, you can also monitor many other things in addition to checking your game track. For instance, you can check the best record and even access the mall. On the right side, you can check the online people and even their profits so you know how much effort to put.

KING855 offers excellent customer experience both on the website and through mobile applications. Customers can decide to enjoy gaming experience on browsers, including mobile browsers or through mobile apps on iOS and Android devices.

king855 mobile

Whether you are using a mobile app or browsing via the mobile device browser, you will not be under pressure to use a faster connection. This platform allows you to play live casino games even on a slow Internet connection.

The great experience is afforded to customers thanks to the HTML5 used to design the interactions. It is also fantastic on big screens. Because of their best live equipment and camera technology, the platform will allow you to experience the games live and quickly.

Customers using this platform do not also need to cut their experiences when the customer is playing the games because there won’t be any errors.



In conclusion, KING855 live casino delivers excellent customer experience concerning the type of games and the nature of play. It uses fair systems to award wins and also secures its platforms given the real nature of risks involved in live casino play.

In addition to providing a variety of games, popular and new ones, and which offer variability in terms of the ways to play, the platform is easy to use and bet on. They also provide live support on all issues.



Live Casino 50% Welcome Bonus, Up To RM300