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In this 21st century, where smartphones are an important stake in every major industry, online casinos have profited mainly from the advancement of technology. Joker123 is one of the well-known websites that has gone beyond the boundaries of mobile gaming to a new level in the online casino platform today.

joker123 online casino review

Many applications for online casino games look similar because this application developer is the one who creates those other online apps, but the Joker123 is quite different and provides an online gaming platform that can be accessed easily.

This form of the app has perfect graphics, it is stable and classy with more than 30 casino games, users can choose from. There are different categories of games that are easier to access. The site has in one way or the other online gaming services, amazing proposition that assures punters with interests. Let’s go through JOKER123 96Bets Online Casino Games review by looking at their quality of games, tips and tricks, security, and their amazing bonuses and promotions.


Overview of Joker123 Online Casino Mobile App

Joker123 has many online casino games, and these games are online slots games, fish shooting games, roulette games, dice games, horse racing games, and many more categorized into various content on the site. There are different game types such as:


Slot Games

joker123 slots

There are online slot games similar to other online slot games but with are not entirely the same. Players who do not aim to play different varieties of games or are so used to one particular game type can change because there will be a lot of Chinese slots games. With this great size of slot games, players who are interested in engaging in new games will have a great size of slot game content to pick from according to their desire.  


Fish Shooting

joker123 fishing

There are plenty of levels for the fish shooting game and the developer of the fish shoot games is constantly developing the games for better engagement and experience for the gamer. This has made the app popular and has amazing graphics that allow a punter to win money easily. An amateur fish hunter can shoot at his level, making him be a winner on this platform.


Multiplayer Games

joker123 monkey king

This is a type of game that involves playing with other people, more like competing with others. There are many games to choose from which two people can play. These are racing games, Monkey King, roulette games, Sai Io games, zoo games, monkey climb games, etc.


Casino Games

joker123 casino games

These games are roulette games, baccarat games, dice games, gourd games, crab fish, and so many more. It is a game that falls under the category as single-player games.


Live Casino Games

joker123 live casino

Live casino game allows users to feel the atmosphere of playing games just like having a real casinos experience, engaging in the fun and win together just like a real casino just other players. There is a new update from 3 menus which is the original gameplay in this online casino site to 5 menus. Joker123 online is a means for people to take the edge off after a stressful and long hour of working.

With the mobile app, easy accessibility provides the user the opportunity to log in to the system from anywhere at any time. This will give gamers to stay connected with their favorite games. The games on this website run smoothly on all devices without any form of glitch and have full and clear standard images to crown it all.

There is no possible way a user can run out the game selection and promotions are always available to users, so you can play unlimited times without the fear of not having cash. Gaming events take place simultaneously, and this makes the gamer not have enough. As there are many fishes in the ocean, so are they in the game. You have varieties of fishes to choose from and you are also provided with high-quality guns and bullets.


Promotions and Bonuses

joker bonus and promotions




How to Apply:

1. This promotion is only valid for members who first time deposit at least MYR 50 to SPORTS, LIVE CASINO, SLOTS, MOBI SLOTS or HORSE RACING game product.
2. Select the applicable promo code [50% WELCOME BONUS] and submit or contact our customer service through live chat or 96BETS official social media app to apply.




How to Apply:

1. Members are required to contact our customer service through live chat or 96BETS official social media app for verification before applying for this promotion.
2. This promotion is only valid for members who lose the first deposit full amount at least MYR 100 without applying any other bonus at SLOTS game product.
3. Contact our customer service for detailed checking to apply bonus within 3 days if members achieved the condition mentioned above. After 3 days will not be accepted.



How to Apply:

1. This promotion is only valid for members deposit at least MYR 50 to SLOTS or MOBI SLOTS game product.
2. Select the applicable promo code [20% UNLIMITED DEPOSIT BONUS] and submit or contact our customer service through live chat or 96BETS official social media app to apply.

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Tips and Tricks to Increase your Chances of Winning

Playing close attention to all odds in this online gaming platform that you will select with specific games you are looking to place a bet on the online gaming or lottery platform is very important, it would be a major error to think that odds are “one-size-fits-all” across the board, that the odds do not change when a wager is made or that the odds may not be important because of your style of play. Focused on the odds needs to be made at all times to ensure that you are stacking the deck in your favor as possible.


System of online Casino games

The online Casino systems require a considerable amount of money for new users to easily access the system. In big casinos where your money will be placed and kept safely immediately after a stake and is waiting for you to either win or lose. While if something goes wrong you can have a full refund of your original investment. Any new user of online casino games should be concerned not to roll big on their first few attempts.


Mobile Casino

joker123 mobile

This is an official site that is available in popular mobile OS platforms such as IOS and Android devices. Users can download the app free of charge by visiting their mobile’s respective play stores such as Google Play Store or Apple Play Store. The App has an entire package of the content, that is readily available on the site. Accessing the app manually, a gamer can download games and install them. This may seem like a more productive and easy pattern to stay connected with various categories of games on the site.

Furthermore, users can scan with their mobile camera at the PC site of the online casino using the QR code, they will automatically be redirected to a new page containing the site layout were installation would be done in seconds.


Customer Service

The customer service team is 24/7 and all questions, demands, requests, problems, and complaints are ready to be evaluated and addressed by clicking on the live chat option on the site using the mobile app. Other options are available to get your complaint across to the Joker123 customer service team. These options are through emailing them or giving them a call.

However, the online gaming site has made it very possible for users to issues with the site by making it easy to scroll; the ability of online users to navigate easily to and fro on the site, user friendly; any young gamer of the legal age who is a newbie can completely understand the large category of contents available on the site, easily accessible; the mobile app is easily accessible and installed using many options. The sites offer complete transparency for its users, no secret payments, irritable surprises.

Joker123 Online Casino’s transaction service is quick and almost impeccable to the core with all withdrawal and deposit process smooth and does not take longer time to be processed, The website also supports online banking for all banks, without any known record of a transaction fails or miss, it is unbelievable, and based on this record the Joker123 Online Casino deserves an accolade.


Security of the Joker123 Mobile App

The security of the mobile app is the same as that on the Joker123 website. The technical team guarantees that the security system of international standards with encryption of personal information and account passwords, 2-feature authentication key, an impenetrable firewall to protect users from online gaming hackers, and a firewall that security professional can not virtually crack.

The online mobile app has been termed credible and secured by old users of this platform. The privacy of personal information is assured and secured from any organization or group.

Gamers are required to register before they can completely access the various contents of this site. Once the registration is done, players can open all features relating to gambling offered on the site. The install guide and instruction is not complicated but straightforward and takes less time to perform, which allows live gambling feature appearing in mobile site interface. There is an assurance of having a pact and non-laggy online gaming platform for better performance.


Why you should choose Joker123 Online Casino

There are reasons for playing Jokers123 online casino, such as:

Convenience: evidently, online casinos are much more convenient than actually checking out casinos in your area, which might of a very far distance from your home. You can play at any time without having a fall out with your spouse because you stayed out late. The casino platform is all on your smartphone.

Free Casino Games for Beginners: If you are a new gamer and you think it is nice to play at the casino or you just want to see how lucky you can be then you can play and get more ideas on the gaming steps before using real money. The Joker123 online casino platform offers free games once you think you are okay to stake then you can get involved.

Loyalty Points: If you are an avid online casino gamer on the Joker123 platform, you will be offered a lot of loyalty points, especially if you only stick to one platform. Offline casinos do not support this service. The sole benefit of loyalty points is that even when users’ money is lost, The user can still get the money that he/she lost back which can be used to win bonuses and earn online casino credits.

The Joker123 online casino mobile app has more than one million downloads, which means that gamers of this platform are far beyond the process of winning prize and instantly winning the prize on the platform. Through quality service, excellent quotes, and attention to detail, its reputation has grown as a popular online casino site in Malaysian, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Brunei.



The Joker123 Online Casino website has a mobile interface that is prolific and filled with amazing options for both real money and free gamers. Users having issues with the online mobile app or website can drop a complaint mail to the support group, which will actively and quickly look into the issues as possible and try to resolve it immediately.

The mobile app has made the users of Joker123 Online Casino easily and quickly access the gaming platform at the convenience of the users and also gave the users of the online platform to always be posted on any stake the gamer has made. If we were to rate the Joker123 Online casino’s mobile app, we would rate it a five star.