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CITIBet Horse Racing: Online Horse Betting Malaysia

citibet horse racing review

It is quite obvious that as human beings we all love to make money. And if the money can be made easily then it is all the better for us. This perhaps explains why millions of people flock to various gambling sites.

This has been the practice for thousands of years and we have heard many stories about Las Vegas and many other cities. The growth story of brick and mortar casinos has been phenomenal across countries and continents. However, things have started changing when the internet, mobile phones, and computer technologies started impacting every aspect of our lives.

Today, there is no doubt that there is a huge demand for online casino gaming and it is worth a few billion dollars annually and continues to grow at a rapid pace. While making money is one of the primary objectives of most of the customers, punters, and wagers, millions spend time and money on online gambling and gaming sites just to have some big fun and entertainment. Let’s start this CITIBet 96Bets Horse Racing review

They would not mind losing a few hundred dollars occasionally for the pleasure and happiness that it offers to its customers. Hence, many primary motivating factors might induce somebody to play various online betting games.

citibet horse racing

This has led to the proliferation of scores of gambling online casinos and their numbers today across the world could be a few thousand. As we read this article, it is quite possible that a few dozens such outlets could be opening shops across the world and many more could be in the pipeline. In such situations, separating the grain from the chaff is not easy.

Unless you are informed and knowledgeable, it is quite possible that you could end up making the wrong selection. This could lead to the wrong selection of games, settling for lower payout, bonuses, and promotions amongst other such things. With so many choices being available the right choice often becomes confusing and many people also become indecisive. The following few tips might help in making the right online betting Malaysia choices so that as customers we can get the best value for money at all points in time.


Never Compromise on Reputation

Reputation and goodwill are the two most important attributes that you should not lose sight of when choosing the right online casino. There could be temptations from many casinos who may offer much higher bonuses, unbelievably high payouts, promotions that are top of the world and much more. It has been found that those who do so have not been able to sustain their business model for more than a year at the most.

They simply shut shop and collapse one fine day. In the process, they leave thousands of punters, wagers and gamblers high and dry and their rewards, bonuses and winning amount worth thousands of dollars may just vanish into thin air.

Hence, always settle for online casino sites that have enjoyed impeccable reputation and goodwill even if their payouts and other such incentives may not be too high for comfort.


Experience Is Important

Yes, like all other services and products, experience also is a very important attribute that should not be lost sight of when choosing a good online casino for gambling and betting. Any good online casino should have been around for at least 10 years.

The online gambling industry is extremely competitive and tough and if an outlet has survived beyond 10 years, you can be reasonably sure that they are good enough to be trusted and relied upon.

They also will be able to offer a much better collection of games when compared to many others who might have been there for around five years or even less.


Number of Games & Variants

citibet all games

Each punter might have different likings and disliking. Hence, if you want to be into the gaming industry as an entrepreneur, you need to have at least 100 games. Within these games, there must be as many variants as you possibly can think of.

This will help more customers to sign up and try the online outlet. As a customer or punter, you must always look for those sites that have a big collection of games and the games must be popular, time tested and must have a reasonably big local following.

For example, horse betting is one of the most popular betting games in any part of the world and Malaysia is no exception. Hence, it would be a good idea to look for sites that offer the best of live horse racing Malaysia choices and options to its customers.


Payouts, Promotions & Bonuses

Let us not lose sight of the fact that gamblers and punters spend hours in online casinos with the main purpose of making some money out of it. Hence, it is quite obvious that they will be attracted only to those sites that offer them the best possible promotions, bonuses.

Further, they also will look for casinos that offer them a decent return on their investments which also is referred to as payouts.

However, as a player, you must know how to separate the dubious sites from genuine ones. You must try and stay away from sites that suddenly offer some unimaginably high bonuses and promotions that may not have been offered ever before.

It must be in line with market practices and must compare favorably with what is being offered by others with some minor changes here and there.


Safety, Security & Dependability

Online casinos have to handle a lot of sensitive and confidential information about their customers. The information is sometimes very personal and quite a bit of financial and banking information is also used by online casino sites. The customers share these details in good faith and therefore the responsibility is on the online casino companies to ensure that they take all take steps to ensure that the confidential nature of information is always kept that way.

We now believe that we have shared enough information that could help select the right online casino. These should also be able to cater to the customers who belong to the south-east Asian nations such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and a few others. CITIBet horse racing is one such online outlet that has become hugely popular across thousands of customers across the country and also many other neighboring markets of south-east Asia. Let us learn more about the features and other interesting facts about this online gambling outlet. This will help customers to have a reasonably clear idea about what they offer and they will be able to take the right decision based on facts and figures instead of going in by hearsays and opinions. We will look at different types of games that they offer including CITIBet Horse Betting



Though many games are quite popular as far as CITIBet is concerned, their horse racing is unique and different. It is for those individuals who love to bet on this particular sporting event. There is no denying the fact that betting on horse racing has been around for hundreds of years and it continues to fascinate thousands of sports enthusiasts and gamblers, both rolled into one.

It is a game that allows people to bet on horses based on their chances of winning or coming in the top three positions. The unique thing about horse racing, especially in an online environment is that you can bet across the globe and your physical presence in the various horse racing circuits and ground is not required. You can watch your favorite horse racing from the comfort of your home, workplace or even while you are traveling.


The Technology Is Simple

All that you have to do is signup for this site and become a customer. Once you have done so, you can just log into the website and get all the information that you require about the various races that are happening across Malaysia and also other nearby countries like Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and a few other such countries. CITIBet horse racing site allows you to bet on your favorite horses anywhere in the world.

Further, you also get access to useful information about horses. The information pertains to the physical attributes of the horses, their ages, and the trainers, the jockeys who are handling them, their track record and other such things. You will also get information about the overall performance of these horses, their total wins, and the runner up positions that they have achieved, the total earnings and other such details.

This will help the punters to bet intelligently and logically instead of just being carried away by hearsays and opinions.


It offers Unique Value To The Customers

citibet grey hounds

Citibet horse racing has been able to become popular because it is always committed to offer good value to its customers. The comprehensive information about betting facilities and the best possible information about horses, their trainers, the jockeys and other such details are quite useful in making a practical and logical decision bereft of emotion and guesswork. They offer to bet on the following three types of races:

  • Horse Racing
  • Harness Racing
  • Greyhound Racing

The CITIBet horse racing website has dedicated staff and they take care and ensure that the website has updated information that is needed by all the punters and gamblers whether they want to bet on horse racing, greyhound racing or harness racing.


They Have invested Heavily On Technology

There is no doubt that horse racing is one of the most popular forms of betting. As we read this article, it is quite obvious that there could be many dozens of horse racing happening in all the important South-East Asian nations and of course across the world. The challenge lies in pooling together all the information and then offering them directly to the customers at their place of choices.

Over the years, they have been able to master the technologies that are needed for getting all information about horse racing, greyhound racing, and harness racing. They have mastered a foolproof technology and system that allows customers quite a bit of flexibility. They can bet on a specific horse during the off time or during the rings. The bets will still be accepted.

This is perhaps offered only by CITIBet horse racing and according to many, it is not available in any other online casino outlets across the country and perhaps only very few offers it across the globe.


Details About Bets Placed Are Available

Apart from the above, it also allows the players to view the various bets placed by other players and this is for specific games. Therefore you will be able to have a much better and greater understanding as to what exactly is going on in the game.

Based on the betting of monies by other players, even beginners can gather the right information and knowledge about the winning chances of a specific greyhound of the horse. Further, the platform also gives you a chance to consume another player for the ticket. This makes the entire experience exciting, enjoyable.


Promotions and Bonuses




How to Apply:

1. This promotion is only valid for members who first time deposit at least MYR 50 to SPORTS, LIVE CASINO, SLOTS, MOBI SLOTS or HORSE RACING game product.
2. Select the applicable promo code [50% WELCOME BONUS] and submit or contact our customer service through live chat or 96BETS official social media app to apply.




How to Apply:

1. This promotion will be notified to entitled VIP members via SMS with SPECIAL CODE once a month.
2. This promotion is only valid for VIP members deposit at least MYR 500 to HORSE RACING game product.
3. Members are required to contact our customer service through live chat or 96BETS official social media app to provide SPECIAL CODE to apply within the same month.



How to Apply:

1. This promotion is only valid for members who lose the amount at least MYR 1,000 in a day from 00:00 (GMT+8) until 23:59 (GMT+8) without applying any other bonus at CITIBET, TURF7.
2. On the same day if apply Welcome Bonus will not be entitled for this promotion.
3. Bonus amount applied to any other promotions will be deducted towards in total loss amount for this promotion.
4. Contact our customer service for detailed checking to apply bonus on the following day from 12:00 (GMT+8) until next day 11:59 (GMT+8) if members achieved the condition mentioned above. After 1 day will not be accepted.



How to Apply:

1. The rebate will be calculated based on members total betting tax across eligible CITIBET, TURF7 game product begin on Sunday 00:00 (GMT+8) and end on Saturday 23:59 (GMT+8).
2. Total rebate will be automatically credit to the member’s Rebate Wallet begin on Monday 12:00 (GMT+8) before 20:00 (GMT+8).
3. Minimum rebate payout is MYR 1. Log in to your 96BETS account every week to check the rebates. Please make sure to participate in the game every week to continue to earn rebate.

Click call to action button to claim all the bonuses above!



It is Horse Betting Specific

One more reason for the popularity of CITIBet is that it is perhaps one of the very few websites out there that are specifically targeted only towards horse betting. We need to understand that this is not a typical casino website.

Hence, if you are a horse betting enthusiast, you will have plenty of reasons to try this site for obvious reasons. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, they are also in a position to provide the latest information on Harness Betting and Greyhound betting.

If you want to take horse betting seriously and make some big money, there is no way in which you can ignore CITIBet and the reasons for the same need not be mentioned again and again.


It Makes Betting Efficient And Informed

citibet mobile

Unlike other sites, when you are with CITIBet horse racing you have everything available to you on a platter. You will not be wondering as to which horses to bet on and you will not be wasting big time over it. All that you will do is pick up a specific race or event, go through the details of the horses and then place your bet.

Your chances of winning would depend on the way the horses perform and if it is your day, you can be sure that you will come back home with some decent money in your bank account. Hence, it goes a long way in making the entire betting so predictable, easy and convenient. You also can concentrate on other games because it will leave you time for the same.


Presentation of The Website

The website has been well presented and even as a first-time horse betting enthusiast, it is unlikely that you will have too many problems identifying the best horse and then bet on it. However, there is no doubt that the best is based on past performances and records and the suggestion being offered by them may or may not work for the punters. There always is an element of fortune in horse betting and this cannot be denied even by the most practical and logically minded persons.


Customer Support Services

This is one of the main and important points that customers keep in mind when they decide to choose between one online casino and the other. We would like to point out here that, over the years CITIBet horse racing has become one of the best live horse betting Malaysia websites and there are many reasons for this. Apart from being considered as a one-stop solution for horse betting, they also have excellent customer support services.

Whether it is the information before betting, during betting, or after betting, you can expect to get the most proactive and supportive customer services from CITIBet horse racing. They have one of the most well informed, trained, and knowledgeable staff and support executives. They are ready to go out of their way to help the customers to solve their problems.

They offer help through email, through the websites, phone, and chat, and even by the ordinary postal mail. Nothing is left to chance and once information about some problem is received you can be sure that it will be handled quite efficiently and to the complete satisfaction of the customers.

They endeavor to ensure that the customers focus more on their betting activities across different horses, greyhounds and harness racing rather than trying to solve the problem concerning payments, withdrawals, bonuses, promotions and other such things



When all the above things are taken into account and put in the right perspective, there are a few things fall in place. CITIBet horse racing over the years has become one of the most sought after, popular, trusted, proven, and reliable horse-racing casinos across the world.

It has turned out to be a highly reliable platform where customers can get the best possible information about all horse races that might be happening across the world. Their customer services are proactive and efficient. They also have the best bonuses and promotions for first-time entrants.

Hence, the next time around if you wish to place bets on horse racing you may have many reasons to keep CITIbet horse racing site in your mind because of the obvious reasons that have been mentioned above.