Is it Safe to Play Live Casino Dealer Game in Malaysia?


There are many live casino dealer games on the internet; some are good, while others are bad. Extreme caution and care should be taken when choosing an online casino.

As a gambler that wants to play fair and win cash, you should carefully choose an online casino platform that offers a safe and secure environment, balanced gameplay, and a trustworthy payment platform and gateway where you quickly deposit money and withdraw money upon winning.

The authority in countries where there are live casinos is usually responsible for their regulations. Before playing in any live casino dealer website, you should do well to go carefully, check the page, and learn about their terms and conditions.

You could as well do research online and get a list of licensed casinos. Doing this will allow you to know the casinos that are licensed and those that are not.

If you see a casino brand name that you are not so sure about, then you should look out for the following:

  • The country where the casino is licensed
  • The software it utilizes
  • Who runs the casino.

This information can be gotten from the about us section of the casino website. It displays several details on the casino owner, the country, contact details, and authorization. If the real information about the site is not visible or available, it is a strong indication that you need to stay away from that website.

Live casinos are enjoying a steady growth rate because gamblers from different parts of the world are continually playing online. As a player, you need to choose an online live casino dealer game that best suits your taste.

It is advised that you go for the known names and biggest sites that have millions of players using them. These are the most secure and trusted sites.



Playing live casino dealer games online is a risky venture, as you can always win or lose. However, playing in an unlicensed online casino presents you with zero chances of winning. If you play in a licensed casino, there are chances of you winning.

This means that you need to verify the casino you want to enter before playing in it. But how can you verify the license of an online casino?

The first thing you should keep in mind is that all regulators were not created equally. For instance, when you see online casinos with only the curacao or Cyprus license and offering big bonuses, you should be very careful.

Thus, you are free to play in any casino that is licensed from any of these countries. You should also strive to go the extra mile to verify whether the license is active. Regulators can revoke a casino’s license due to cheating, breach of terms, and no payment of license fees.




For licensed casinos, there is usually a footer on their website which contains at least a license number, company name, licensing jurisdiction, and an address. Like 96Bets which is one of the trustable online casinos game provider and have a proven license such as Pagcor, bmm, iTech Labs, and more.

If there is no link connecting the casino website to the regulator’s website, you can google the regulator’s name, and search for the list of actively licensed casino and search either by license number or by company name.

If you carry out such a search, you will be able to detect cheating unlicensed casinos that put up fake numbers.

Some reasons why you should not play in an unlicensed casino is due to the following reasons:

  1. You cannot win in an unlicensed casino because the owners of such casinos manipulate the RNG making pay out less to players. This is highly prohibited in live casinos! RNG is the algorithm responsible for true randomness. If not checked and approved by the legitimate gaming authorities, unscrupulous operators can tamper with it, and cause it to work against players’ interests.
  2. Unlicensed live casino dealer games online have access to their RNG, and they can manipulate it to payout less than it should. Licensed live casino dealer games, on the other hand, usually have their RNG inspected by licensing authorities which seal the RNG with their codes. With this code, operators cannot alter the RNG. And only when a casino RNG is sealed can they receive a license.

At this point, you should be able to spot an unlicensed online casino quickly. They offer you huge bonuses because they are sure that you cannot win. For example, when you see an offer like ‘get 500% deposit bonus up to $10000, you should already know that they are unlicensed and will scam you of your money. They also do not publish links to their licenses, and even when they do, they publish fake numbers hoping that desperate gamblers would not care to check and verify. That is why, if you love your money, and would not want to lose them quickly, you should check these license numbers for Genuity.



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The more live casino dealer games gain popularity, the higher the demand for reliable casino dealer software providers. For this reason, all software providers and developers strive to provide their clients with fantastic features and at the same time, expand their online business.

The top priority of these software providers is that live casino players always get a realistic feel of the games as though it is a land-based casino. This has been the fore-priority for top reputable software providers on the market like SA36, King855, WM Casino, AVXGaming, and others.



SA36 online casino malaysia

SA36 is one of the leading direct casino platforms not only in Malaysia but throughout Asia. This live gambling platform offers players a variety of live casino dealer games.

With more than 10 years of experience in the iGame industry. SA36 is known for its high-quality live casino dealer games using the latest HTML5 technology. This is to ensure that you experience a smooth, slim, and smooth game transition.



King855 online casino malaysia

The KING855 game is supported on all devices, including computers, smartphones, iPods, and iPhones because it was developed using HTML5 technology. Online and mobile players get a stable experience because the system is updated to fix all bugs.

Users don’t even need to download the KING855 game application because they can access the game website on their mobile devices. This saves a lot of space and you can also avoid using too many resources on your device. This is besides the comfort of playing.


WM Casino

WM Casino Banner

WM Casino is one of the best casinos and offers a variety of gambling options to be played anytime, anywhere. It offers the highest level of accuracy and impartiality in various games that can be played on PCs and mobile phones. When you play, feeling satisfied will cover your entire playing experience because you can bet on many casino games.

All you have to do is visit the game you want to enjoy and download realistic graphic and audio files. On top of that, casinos are also known for their lucrative bonus offers.



AVX Gaming Banner 2

AVXGaming Casino guarantees the safety of all players and offers a healthy and safe playing experience in a pleasant and safe environment that is also of high quality. Your support is clear, so community players can quickly contact employees when needed.

The AVXGaming casino offers a decent gaming experience and is open to everyone. They recorded the whole game. After the game ends, you can review all previous notes.




As an ever-growing industry, online gambling is continuously improving, and today web-based casinos provide players security, a wide variety of games, as well as the opportunity to use various currencies.

In order to provide further convenience, they have also integrated plenty of deposit and withdrawal options. To enable gambling from different parts of the world, multiple methods of depositing funds are now available at online casinos.




One of the most famous payment solutions among players in 96Bets is to boost their casino balances through a credit card deposit, using the world’s leading card issuer Visa. Visa Cards come in varieties to cater for any player’s needs and are accepted in almost every online casino, as are MasterCard-branded cards. Whether prepaid, credit, or debit cards, they can be used everywhere if they bear the MasterCard logo.



An online live casino is a form of online gambling that enables you to place a wager. It gives the same experience just like you would have if you were playing in a brick and mortar casino.

You see, with the advancement in technologies such as video streaming services and the increasing prevalence of quality internet connection, online casinos can now offer the same experience players are used to in a land-based.




Apart from the software on which live gaming relies on, cameras are an essential component of a live casino setup. Cameras are the eyes of both the dealers and players to see each other during a game.

Casinos usually use smaller but more powerful cameras to capture and live stream every moment in the gaming session.

A typical game of roulette has three cameras that capture and feeds different angle to the players.

For instance, one of the cameras gives a birds-eye view of the table; another focuses on live streaming shots of the table and the wheel while the third camera provides the picture to picture display.



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